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Fantastic character animation dude!
The movements er so smooth that it makes me geek out, and look throw it frame by frame.
Also it was so entertaining too. especially that action scene at the end.
No wonder you have work on How To Train Your Dragon.

5/5 stars
And 5 Pico faces from me :)

This was fantastic!!! Love the story and characters a lot. And the amazing hair and fire/smoke (2hat ever u call it) animation. I just love the shit out of everything! Keep up the good work man! ;)

10/10 from me

Amazing work man! The art style and mood are just so engaging. And the theme is so real , that i think if the cream really existed this is exactly what happen. Creeps my out really bad

10/10 You deserve it and more. Much love!

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Completely old school. IT's kinda addictiv, and fun, and intense. But the only problem i have with this game is the sound effects, which are will get a little to annoying, after playing it for a while. But other then that, i liked it. 4,5 from me :)

Cyberdevil responds:

You can always mute. ;) Thanks for the positive feedback!

Loved it!! :D is really sad that they're aren't much mine many facial expressions, but its was really enjoyable.

i spent a lot of time on my lip sync. i think is was around 2 hours, but damn it was satisfying at the end.
4.5 from me because it needed more facial expressions and maybe a happy, sad, or mad mouth. and also a search to find a specific voice demo. but great job johnny and tom :D

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Sounds dope man :)
It's relaxing. It could awesome if you also uploaded some of your 8-bit tracks too :)

Damn dude, definitely have alot of talent! :D
You are right up there with TomaMoto as one of this website must talanted voice actors, in my opinion.

Apatheria responds:

High praise indeed! Thanks very much, dude. c:

Your beats are just so freaking awesome. I listen to your beats almost every day. It just gives me ideas, and makes me relaxed. And this beat here is no exception. It sounds so freaking am constantly pressing the replay button.

The only thing that i don't understand is why your not all that well know around the world? Seriously, every person i show your beats to loves them. And all of them are wondering the same thing.
have you ever show some of your beats to some record company or something?

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This is amazing! I really dig the colors, and the overall look of Keen.
If they ever get to make a new Commander Keen game, i think they should go with this art style.
Added to favorites
And a new fan for you my friend :)

Scottr5680 responds:

Thank you so much, my friend! I really appreciate it! That would be awesome if they did a new Keen game, I really hope they do someday.

There is so much detail, that it's almost impossible to imagine how long this must have took to make
Great job man! :D

deathink responds:

Thanks man... it took a while lol

I really dig the lightning on this one. And also the awesome texture.
Great job man :)

A Dane who makes drawings. And maybe ones every 10 years uploads his cartoons. Sorry but it has to be perfect before i upload anything cartoon related hehe XD

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