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A Dane who makes drawings. And maybe ones every 10 years uploads his cartoons. Sorry but it has to be perfect before i upload anything cartoon related hehe XD

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Posted by Golden-Chicken - August 8th, 2013

I have been really busy traveling around in this summer. I have been all over my country "Denmark" and visiting some of my friends and family.

Now it's finally time to get back to work on some of my projects.
I have been trying to write my first ever script, which is difficult for me. I have dyslexia so it's sometimes hard for me to write..
One of my friends are helping me out though, which is killer. But we are really struggling to make something that works.

The most difficult thing about writing a script for me, is to feel comfortable with the stuff you are writing about.
And i'm pretty sure my friend feels the same way.
It's just so hard to make something that makes you feel like "Yeah, that will make people laugh."

Anyway, what have you been doing your summer?


Posted by Golden-Chicken - May 17th, 2013

I have tryed everything, but nothing seems to work :(
Do any of you guys have the same problem?

Posted by Golden-Chicken - October 2nd, 2012

It has been a long time since i have been on this site, and there is a reason for that.
The logon system on this site, is fucking retarded.
I made an account that was called "Golden-Egg" but forgot my password. So i tried the "Forgot Your password" Thingamajig, were you tip in you email and shit.
but then it says "Well..... Your email is not in our system" or some shit like that. And i'm like fine... You know.... Whatever.......
So i thought that i could just make i new username and password with the same email.

I did just that, and guess what it said.
"Well.... Ehhhh... You know, this email here emmmm.. Its all ready on our system soooo... You can't use it."
WTF!!!!!! So i made an new email, and then FINALLY i could make a new user. And then, log in.

So Tom, if you see this post, then you guys have to fix this fucking bullshit!
But regardless, i am glad to be apart of newgrounds again, and i can't wait to see some new animations.

And also i did some random drawing in like 30 sec. because i was bored..... and really really REALLY angry.....

Hey Newgrounds!